Since our pre-order campaign on Kickstarter went live on Thursday afternoon, more than 1,100 supporters have backed the project! A big THANKS to those of you who have participated!

So far, we’ve raised more than $185,000, far beyond our initial goal of $40,000.

Many of those funds have come from supporters who read about eone and The Bradley in newspapers and blogs. One of our favorite reviews came via Mashable, which told the story of The Bradley via video

Which other news outlets have written about Eone’s first timepiece?

Here are a few that caught our eye:

– CNET says The Bradley is “beautifully designed”

– Gizmodo tells its readers about the stylish watch that lets blind people feel time

– National Braille Press says the Bradley is “one fashionable timepiece for all”

– TechSpot calls The Bradley “the Stylish Watch that Lets You Feel Time”

– The Boston Globe writes both about The Bradley’s debut, and about how the watch is getting a Kickstarter boost even after traditional funders balked

– RISD says The Bradley is for the blind — and everyone else

– explains how The Bradley’s magnet lets wearers feel what time it is

– United Cerebral Palsy’s Life Labs Blog uses one of our favorite quotes: “Good design is not exclusive, but inclusive”

– Cool Material tells its community this is “a Kickstarter worth getting behind”

Update as of July 24, 2013:

– U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi visited RISD and inspected our new watch

– TechnologyTell says our “simple design is revolutionary”

– BostInno proudly shares that our Tactile timpiece raised $260,000+ on Kickstarter in 6 days

– So honored to be featured on the MIT Alumni Association Blog with The Bradley

– GizMag covers the debut of our tactile watch for the visually impaired

– MedGadget says The Bradley is a “gorgeous watch for the blind”

– Dude I Want That added The Bradley to their must-have list

– Nothing says you’re bored like looking at your watch. The new Bradley Tactile Watch eliminates that, states Gear Hungry

– Hodinkee features the details of The Bradley and telling time through touch

– Abduzeedo listed Eone in their sites of the week

– FastCompany interviews founder Hyngsoo Kim

Added on August 9, 2013:

– IntheCapital shares an insider’s look at how we created The Bradley

– Technabob calls The Bradley “one of the most innovative watches you’ll ever see”

– The Awesomer added our watch to their list of “awesome stuff for awesome people”

– “This watch will change the way everyone tells time” says PolicyMic

– National Braille Press covers our timepiece and chats with founder Hyungsoo Kim

– Public Interest Design shows how we’re co-designing a watch for touch

Telling time has never been so easy…even for the blind,” says Beginners & Experts

Thanks to these blogs and our entire community for your support!