Our Kickstarter has blown our initial pledge goal completely out of the water. We’ve raised more than $500,000, way beyond the $40,000 we hoped for.

The visibility has done so much more than attract backers. Because of the campaign, we’ve also had the opportunity to meet and connect with those backers — people like James Dowling, the editor in chief of timezone.com, the world’s largest website for watch nerds, and the author of The Best of Time Rolex Wristwatches: An Unauthorized History.James is an encyclopedia of watch history. He was kind enough to share his knowledge about the history of tactile watches, and we found his insight so interesting that we wanted to share with you, too.MontreATactThe first watches created to be “read’ by touch, James tells us, were not actually designed for the blind. These first “touch” pocket watches were created in the early 1800s so the owner could tell time discretely without pulling his watch from his pocket.This was accomplished by feeling the hands on the watch and judging their position relative to the winding crown at 12. The user could also feel the position of the 12 jewels around the perimeter of the case to get a better feeling for the exact location of the hands.


The name of this pocket watch is “montre à tact,” a French word meaning “touch watch.” The name has a double meaning, of course; based on the English definition, you could also describe it as a “tactful watch.” That name reinforces the reason behind why we created The Bradley: you shouldn’t need to look at your watch to tell time.Speaking of The Bradley, time’s running out on our Kickstarter campaign! You can still pledge, but only for a few more days. Thanks again for all your support!