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Time for change? Eone Relay program

A young lady and elderly gentleman are sat outside on a white marble bench surrounded by buildings. They are smiling at each other and in conversation. The lady wears a blue demin button shirt, black jeans, and the Eone Bradley Classic. The gentleman wears a grey heavy knit sweater, black suit pants and an Eone Bradley Silver Mesh. A long white cane can be seen resting against the shoulder of the gentleman.

Share the journey

Update: Wednesday 21 September - The Relay program is now live and can be accessed via this link here.


Help us make our community stronger and more accessible. Our new, unique exchange program allows you to pass on not only your timepiece, but part of your story too.


The team at Eone are excited to announce the launch of our new program, Relay. It’s the Eone exchange program that brings together our community and increases the longevity of our timepieces. Community and sustainability are so important to us, and Relay helps us cultivate both.

How it works:

  • When you’re ready to try a new Eone model, trade in your existing timepiece to receive a US$80 credit towards a new Eone model. This credit can be used for most pieces on our website, except pre-owned.
  • We will send you a pre-paid shipping label so returning your timepiece to us is hassle-free.
  • We encourage you to include a personal message or story for the next owner of your Eone.
  • Timepieces we receive will be lovingly refurbished by us, and we’ll make sure each one works exactly how it should.
  • With their new lease of life, these timepieces will either be donated to one of the many worthy causes we support, or they will be sold under the Relay section of our website.

Your message

When you participate in the Relay program, we encourage you to enclose a personal message when sending your existing timepiece to us. This could be either a story about your Eone, the journey you have taken with it, or a positive message for the new owner. 

Your message will be passed on when the timepiece is resold or donated. Your words will give the pre-loved piece a unique personality and history, that the new wearer can carry forward as your timepiece continues its own journey.

We hope that the new owner will be reminded of your words when they wear their Eone. Your story of adventure could inspire them to take new opportunities in their own life. Your journey through vision loss can serve as encouragement if they’re experiencing difficulties of their own. Your simple message of kindness could be all it takes to bring some positivity into their day.


“Many individuals have the same condition that I do, it is not unique. What makes us unique is the journey we’ve taken and the choices we’ve made to get here. That’s what I think is cool about this exchange program, that every piece carries history and stories from its previous owner”. John Samuel, Ablr.


Strengthen as we grow

As our Eone community grows bigger, we want to make sure it also grows stronger. To us, a strong community means the people we reach, feel they belong and believe in inclusion as much as we do. As inclusion is at the heart of everything we do, we aim to give as many people as possible, a sense of belonging. 


Relay will play an important part in strengthening our community. We are excited to be able to offer our beautiful timepieces at a more accessible price point. This will allow even more people to enjoy our designs and experience telling time through touch. We are also looking forward to connecting with more nonprofit organizations and learning how we can work together to support the work they do. The messages shared through Relay will also provide encouragement, inspiration and a sense of belonging within our community.


We care deeply about our planet and strive to find ways to use its resources responsibly. We want our timepieces to have longevity and for our designs to stand the test of time.  But we understand that sometimes personal style evolves, or we need a little variety. Relay is our way of making sure timepieces don’t go unworn and forgotten when they can be used and appreciated by someone else. our team of experts take time and care in restoring the timepieces so each pre-loved piece will bring as much pleasure to its second owner as it did to its first.

Get involved

Get ready to pass the baton and entrust your Eone and your story to its next owner or shop our current Relay collection and share the journey. 

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