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The Switch Collection

Our timepieces are designed to bridge a gap between accessibility and style, allowing people who are sighted, blind, or deaf-blind the same access to a functional, sleek, high-quality timepiece, unlike any other watch previously available.

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The Switch in silver with its bracelet closed in a loop; floats in space. Tilted at an angle, pointing slightly to the left and upwards. Two rings float in space behind the Switch. The silver Switch is fitted with the Sunflower ring.
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Your freedom of choice.

Empowering your decisions Choice is the purest expression of free will - the freedom to choose, allows us to shape our lives exactly how we wish. The Switch demonstrates how accessibility and freedom of choice can fit together beautifully, in one minimal, sleek design.

A wristshot of the Eone Rose Gold switch with a black sunflower ring attached. The timepiece is on a male wrist contrasted with a black sleeved top on a black dark background. A wristshot of the Eone Rose Gold switch with a black sunflower ring attached. The timepiece is on a male wrist contrasted with a black sleeved top on a black dark background.

Tell time through touch.

Iconic, innovative, and inclusive.

Simply run your finger over the raised hour markers, feeling the markers where the ball bearings are located: one track around the center of the watch face's surface for the minute, and one track around the outside edge of the watch face for the hour.

Twist. Click. Switch.

At the office? On a date? Dressing down for the weekend? Swap out the ring for something that matches your outfit and occasions. No tools, no fuss, just fun. The same iconic Bradley timepiece, with a twist.

A lineup of three rings for the Switch. From left to right; a 12 hour ring, The middle ring; named the Sunflower was inspired by the Fibonacci spirals that are found on the seed patterns on sunflowers and The third ring on the right is an Apex ring.

Put a ring on it

Every Switch comes with two rings right out the box. Future designs and collaborations are already in development. Collect them. Gift them. Exchange them.

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Special thank you

Bradley Snyder. Jeshua Aveno. Madison Javier. Justin Salas. Tucker Dupree. Blake Band. Christina Li. Chuck Ratcliff. Daniel Lee. Francesco Hoang. John Samuel. Ralu Modrogeanu. Spencer Tallman. Dessy Koutzarova. Chris Carr. Calvin Chen. Rachel Smith. Karina Tobar. Hannah Dyer-Holzhauer. Anthony Barbato. Yeseul Heo. Joe Strechay. Mthunzi Dewa. Gabriella Douglas. Allen Warren. Edgar Anaya. Kevin Wava. Chancey Fleet. Gary Nan Tie. Ron Katz. Allison Weiner.

Ablr, Visioncare, San Diego Eye Bank, Liberty Marking, Decal Impressions, Creative Allies, Christine Ha, Oliver Perretta, Roshan Hakkim, Liam Martin, Chloe Wong, Nick Kendall, Patrick Foley, Sharon Delaney, Steve McGrinder, Bryan Vielhauer, Ming Wu.

And most importantly, everyone in the Eone community who has supported us throughout these years.

Special thank you

Frequently asked questions

1. How do you change the ring?

The ring is released with a clockwise twist using your thumb and pointer finger. It can be locked in place by twisting counter clockwise.

2. How many rings do we get in to start out with?

Each Switch collection will come with two rings of it's respective color. (If you order a Rose Gold Switch timepiece, you will receive two Rose Gold rings). You'll receive a Sunflower ring and a classic 12 hour ring.

3. When will the product launch?

It'll be available internationally* from August 2022

4. What colours will be available?

The Switch will come in Silver, Black, and Rose Gold.

5. Do you have more ring designs coming out?

Oh yes! Many more! We plan to collaborate with different artists and designers to bring new tactile expereinces with the Eone Switch. We're also open to the idea with a community input ring too.

What’s inside the box?

Every Switch will come with two rings right out the box. 1 x Eone Switch (on mesh bracelet) 2 x Switch Rings (1 x Sunflower, 1 x 12 hour)

Price Switch Silver: $360 RRP
Switch Rose Gold: $360 RRP
Switch Black: $375 RRP

Material Case: 316L stainless steel
Ring: 316L stainless steel
Strap: 316L stainless steel mesh

Quartz Ronda quartz movement with Swiss parts

Dimensions 40 mm diameter / 11.5 mm thickness

Fit Adjustable clasp fits wrists 6 ¼ – 8 ½ inches (159 – 215 mm) in circumference, 20 mm strap width

Warranty 2 year full warranty

  • A 3/4 angle composition shot of the Eone Switch. You can see the Sunflower ring with each ball bearing on the face and around the case.