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A young, well dressed man sports The Bradley Classic, a watch with a silver face and brown leather band. He is also wearing a light brown blazer in a herringbone pattern and a blue button-down shirt.
A young, professional-looking woman raises one arm above her shoulder, dangling the silver Bradley Mesh watch as she holds the end of the band in front of her. She is wearing a beige blouse and is sitting at a table.

The Bradley by Eone

Revolutionizing the modern timepiece

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Unlike any timepiece you’ve ever seen, or felt

Instead of traditional watch hands, two ball bearings indicate the time — offering you a new, unique way to check time through the touch of your finger.

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The silver Bradley Mesh watch is suspended in the air against a light gray background that is out of focus.

Building a better timepiece for everyone

Whether you’re a business professional looking for a discreet way to tell time during meetings, a vision-impaired person searching for a better alternative to a talking watch, or if you’re just in the market for a sleek timepiece that is a conversation-starter, we’ve got your wrist covered.

Every timepiece is hand-assembled and crafted with the highest standard Swiss Quartz movement, providing long-lasting quality and durability.

What people are saying about the Bradley

“It’s discreet and intuitive—and it looks entirely unlike any timepiece before it”

“This timepiece reimagines wristwatch design”

“The Bradley reinvents the modern wristwatch with an added sense of touch”

“Its austere titanium good looks definitely deserve to be shown off”

Arms resting on a railing with hands clasped together. This person is wearing an urban casual jacket and The Bradley mesh watch.

Designed for you.
Designed for everyone.

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