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News: #HowYouSeeMe – Silver Telly Award Winner 2022

 Shot upwards from the waist, Chef Christine Ha smiles at the camera with crossed arms, wearing a black chef's jacket. In the background, the interior of Xin Chao; her second restaurant. Overlaid in the bottom left corner of the image, a Silver Telly Award badge.



It was announced last week that Eone’s #HowYouSeeUs campaign featuring Christine Ha was chosen as the winner in the Diversity and Inclusion category at The Telly Awards 2022!


The Telly Awards

Founded in 1979, The Silver Telly awards honor the most outstanding film, commercials and videos across all screens. Each year, they showcase the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments in the world. It’s a widely known and highly respected national and international competition receiving over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents. We’re delighted to be included amongst their 2022 award winners. 



Cast your mind back to International Women’s Day, March 2021. The Eone team were proud to introduce our first female Ambassador, Christine Ha to our community. Christine embodies everything we’re passionate about at Eone and we were so excited to have her on board. A MasterChef champion, an author and a public speaker, Christine has awed, inspired and won the hearts of us all who have followed her journey since she first appeared on our screens at the MasterChef auditions. We knew she would be a fantastic ambassador for our brand and our mission. 




At Eone we believe that barriers are not created by gender, (or disability, race, sexual orientation or any other personal attribute). Barriers are created by society, in the minds of people around us. Christine’s story of breaking down those barriers and showing the world what can be achieved when preconceptions are challenged, was a powerful start to the campaign. 




TFA Group

The incredible team at TFA Group helped us produce the content for the campaign. Here at Eone, we have worked with them several times, and continue to love what they do. They are a unique production company whose mission is to share stories to drive social impact. Co-founded by husband and wife team, Jeremy Snyder and Mallory Weggemann, TFA uses the power of content to promote a change in perceptions. The TFA team create a range of content, from films and documentaries to branded content and commercials. They expertly help clients tell the stories of individual characters and different abilities, to produce truly impactful results. Their work can be found across many platforms such as broadcasting networks, streaming networks, digital media and at festivals and bookshops. Their vision is so closely aligned with our own, we and working with TFA is always a pleasure. Learn more about TFA Group and check out some of their exceptional work. 



We want to say a huge congratulations to Christine and TFA Group. We are so thrilled that their amazing work has been recognized in this way. We also want to congratulate all the women who participated in the #HowYouSeeMe campaign, sharing their stories, lifting up women of all abilities and changing perceptions. Well done everyone! 


What next?

We are so proud of everyone who was involved in #HowYouSeeMe, and how they made an impact. But we don’t want to stop here. We want to keep sharing stories and removing those social barriers and work towards a more inclusive world. The only way to change perceptions is to give people an alternative view to consider. A better view.  And that is exactly what we strive to do here at Eone. We show people that it is possible to have a timepiece that is truly for everyone, combining style and accessibility. We challenge the perception that accessibility is for a minority and is purely functional. We also challenge perceptions of disability and DEI with our Community Spotlight series. This is where we share the journeys and ideas of friends of the Eone community, who believe in the importance of inclusion as much as we do. Check out the stories on our blog InTouch. 

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