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News: The Eone Apex Salas - Behind the scenes

Justin scales an inverted wall, attached to ropes


Introducing: the Apex Salas


Get ready for the Apex Salas! This exciting new addition to the Eone line up will launch towards the end of 2022. It will retain all the characteristics of the Eone timepieces that we all know and love, but with some unique updates. It features an innovative ‘Hook Strap’ design, together with the popular Apex casing. It offers style and function and a whole new level of accessibility.


World Sight Day image of Justin playing himself in Chess


Why Salas? 


At Eone, our community inspires our work. We believe that by listening to and collaborating with an inclusive community, we can design better and create meaningful impact. 


That is why we are delighted to be partnering with Justin Salas, a valued member of our community. He’s a visually impaired climbing champion, and advocate for inclusion. We shared his journey in a Community Spotlight feature, so check that out to get to know him better. Justin, like many Eone users, leads an active lifestyle. We don’t want Justin to leave his Eone at home when he heads out for his adventures. We wanted to create a timepiece that could keep up. It had to offer freedom of movement, ease of access and retain the elevated style that Eone is known for. 


Athlete Lizzi Smith demonstrates the difficulty of putting on a watch strap with one hand

 Credit: Lizzi Smith


More accessible, for more people


While the Eone team were working on design ideas inspired by Justin, we found further inspiration in a video clip of Lizzie Smith demonstrating how she puts on a watch. Lizzie is a Paralympic swimmer. She was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, and she has only one hand. Seeing how Lizzie put on her watch, our team decided there was a way to make the new design even more accessible for more people.


Nick Mankey's hand, holding a bunch of the prototype hook straps, from this angle you can see the black hook mechanism.

Source: Nick Mankey - Version 1 fabric testing 


The Hook Strap 


We decided to swap out the NATO strap of the original Apex for a new look and feel. 

Talented designer, Nick Mankey, introduced our team to the ‘Hook Strap’. Nick’s unique design is flexible, secure and comfortable, and its sporty aesthetic was perfect for our new project.

The strap is made from a single length of fabric, with a loop at one end, and a hook on the other. The high quality polyester has been developed specifically for its durability and comfort. It feels soft against the skin, and although it stretches for easy access and freedom of movement, it springs back to its original form. It was important that the strap would stand the test of time.






Once the strap is attached to the case, it forms a continuous loop which doesn’t need to be undone to put on or remove the watch. The strap can simply be looped over the hand and pulled down to the wrist. When it’s time to take it off, it can simply be pulled back over the hand. The stretch in the fabric makes this a smooth process. The strap is also easily adjustable to fit many wrist sizes. This is done simply by moving the hook and loop along the fabric of the strap, and once at the right size, it will stay in place and doesn’t need to be adjusted again.


The strap allows the wrist to move more freely than traditional watches, making it the perfect choice for more active Eone wearers, or those who wish to prioritize comfort without compromising on style.


A closeup of the Apex case showing the solid shoulders in which the strap passes through.

The Case 


The Apex Salas features the familiar Apex case, updated with a new highly reflective ‘piano black’ finish. The outer ring is from our ‘Elements’ collection, with prominent hour markings which provide the most distinct tactile feedback. The ceramic, matte finish of the ring, offers both visual and tactile contrast.  


The fixed shoulders, (metal loops where the straps attach), are unlike the Eone Bradley which has articulated shoulders. The fixed design makes for a solid structure, in keeping with the overall design and pairing perfectly with the Hook Strap.


John Samuel holds the prototype white cane from 2021's Drip My Cane project.

 Source: John Samuel


Drip My Cane… (or my watch)


Cast your mind back to October 15th, 2021. Not only did we launch the Eone Switch that day, but we also celebrated White Cane Day with our friend, John Samuel of Ablr 360. The Drip My Cane competition encouraged designers to submit ideas to spruce up John’s white cane.  A retro, reflective design of angled lines, was chosen as the winner. Now, it will not only feature on John’s cane, but it will also be woven into the fabric of the new Apex Salas strap. The reflective nature of the pattern will provide depth and contrast against the black fabric, giving the timepiece a unique, sporty feel.


A looping video showing light passing over the retroreflective material on the strap. The pattern reflects back a bright white whilst the base fabric stays as is.
Source: Eone - retroreflective test

Watch this space


Whether you need the freedom to climb a mountain or an accessible timepiece that combines style and comfort, we think the Apex Salas has got you covered. This timepiece is not just the work of our team. Nick’s innovation and expertise, and Justin’s inspiration and insights have made it possible for us to bring a whole new level of accessibility to our community. Stay in touch and we’ll keep you updated on the launch of the Apex Salas.

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  • Congratulations, great idea, maybe it should also keep reflex for the dark Autumn Times.

    Yours sincerely Fredrik C.O.Persson

    C. O.Persson Ur Guld och silver

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