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Community Spotlight: Ming Wu


An image of Ming, she's wearing a red turtleneck sweater with the city skyline on the background.

Hi, I’m Ming. I love to get people talking about accessibility and inclusive design, so I quickly found I had a lot in common with the amazing team at Eone!


I discovered Eone a few years ago when my husband surprised me with an Eone Bradley timepiece. I was blown away by how a watch that I could use, could be so beautiful! You see, I’m legally blind. I have a little vision remaining and I can still see light, and sometimes shapes and some other details. I can’t read traditional watches and I couldn’t get on board with talking watches, so I had pretty much given up on them altogether. The Bradley was a game-changer. It got me thinking about how things that are accessible can also be universally appealing. “Yes!” I thought “This is how it should be!” And years, later this idea became my inspiration for compiling Eone’s Inclusive Gift Guide.


Nothing is more fascinating than discovering new places and meeting new people, so I love to travel. After living and working on three different continents, this British Born Chinese girl is now based in New York.


When my first child came along a few years ago, I said a fond farewell to the familiar glass-walled law-firm offices and my corporate career. I swapped my heels for slippers, opened my laptop at the kitchen table and I started to write. A few years on, as my vision continues to deteriorate, I’m still writing. I’m also cultivating a life full of fun, compassion and adventure for me and my family. My days are usually spent doing mum-things, like the school drop off and helping kids create ‘art’ using only what’s in the recycling and double-sided tape. I also love serving on the board of VLANJ, a non-profit organization supporting those with vision loss. Off duty, I’m a self-confessed geek. I read (or rather, listen!), dance, crochet, bake and cook. And I drink too much tea (I’m British!)


Inclusion is a big topic and can be a bit overwhelming. But I think the only way to make a difference is to get the conversation started and make everyone part of it. (I think Eone has done a pretty awesome job of doing that so far!) I can’t wait to get started and find the most fascinating stories and inspiring people to share with you!!

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