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Guide: Eone's Inclusive Gift Guide 2021

A collage of the products listed in this article, set against a deep red background with snowflakes


The holiday season is fast approaching and if you’re in need of some gift-giving inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Gift guides are everywhere at this time of year, but this is a guide with a difference. At Eone, our passion is inclusive design, so we’ve searched high and low to bring you the best inclusive and accessible gift ideas for all your friends and family. Let’s give meaningful gifts that will let everyone enjoy the festive season together!

Eone Timepieces

1. Bradley Mesh Silver - Eone - US$285.00


Close up of a silver watch with ball bearing track around the face and raised markings at each hour. Part of the stainless steel straps are also visible.]


For the person who has everything

We of course had to kick things off with one of our very own. Our original iconic timepiece, the Bradley, is a cool and unique gift. It’s the perfect gift for him, for her, for everyone.

The Bradley Mesh not only looks great, it’s also stunningly crafted with a lightweight, self oxidizing titanium case, which means any scratches automatically fade away over time. This model is loved by so many, blind and sighted alike, and even worn by Stevie Wonder himself! If you are unsure of your recipient’s style, this universally loved Eone classic is sure to be a great choice!

For someone who would love the Bradley Mesh, but would prefer a more delicate option, the Bradley Mesh 36mm is perfect. With all the same great features as the original, this model has a more polished finish to the face and is scaled down to suit narrower wrists.


2. Bradley Element Black - Eone - US$350.00


Close up of a black watch with ball bearing track around the face and raised markings at each hour. Part of the black straps are also visible.]

For the modern gentleman

The Element in black is one of Bradley Snyder’s personal favorite Eone pieces, and it’s one of ours too! It features a durable, ceramic face and a sleek black stainless steel strap. The dial has a unique three dimensional, topographic design unlike any other Eone Bradley timepiece. Its alternating raised and lowered impressions on the face makes it even easier to read, using sight of touch. It’s the perfect balance of timeless and modern with its almost understated monochrome vibe. It’s the perfect timepiece for those who like classic, with a brutalist style.


3. Bradley Edge Rose Gold - Eone - US$285.00


Close up of a silver and rose gold watch with ball bearing track around the face and raised markings at each hour. Part of the white leather straps are also visible.]

For the lady who loves the elegant side of feminine

The Edge in rose gold exudes modern elegance and feminine charm. The white Italian leather strap is the perfect partner to the stainless steel rose gold face which features concentric circles radiating from the center and framed by the classic raised hourly markings.

Give her the perfect finishing touch to any look, whether elegant and ladylike or romantic and playful.

This popular timepiece has been enjoyed by Eone fans around the world and the black variant of the Edge was featured in TV series “Crush".


4. Bradley Apex Leather Sand - Eone - US$285.00


Close up of a black watch with ball bearing track around the face and textured markings at each hour. Part of the sand colored straps are also visible.

For those who are always on the go

The Apex Sand is a military inspired watch, offering contrast in texture and color between its black ceramic dial, steel case, and the sand leather strap. The strap design is commonly known as a ‘NATO’ strap, which means it is one continuous strap that is fed through loops on the top and bottom of the case. The straps are interchangeable and additional straps can be purchased separately. He will love this versatile piece which looks great for work or off duty days.


Inclusive Fashion and Accessories



5. Men's Multi-Strand Hematite Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp - Rose Simons - US$51.75


A men’s bracelet made up of multiple brown strands and an antiqued metal, rectangular clasp.

For those who want to accessorize with ease.

This multi-strand men's bracelet is crafted in hematite and stainless steel with an antique finish and features a magnetic closure.

Ross Simmons also offers a range of men and women’s jewelry in 14k gold and sterling silver with magnetic clasps. These clasps make it quick and easy to put on and remove jewelry, and great for those with limited dexterity or vision, who find traditional jewelry clasps awkward to use. They also offer a magnetic clasp converter which can be attached to pieces with traditional clasps so your loved one can continue to enjoy pieces they already own and love.


6. Floral Magnetic Bracelet - Alex and Ani - US$28.50


A gold tone women’s bracelet with a small floral design all around.

For the girl who loves to shine

This pretty floral chain bracelet also features a magnetic closure. Its design is simple yet tactile and is a lovely, affordable piece that will be sure to bring a smile to her face.


7. Men's Atlas Merino Crew Neck Sweater - Ministry of Supply - US$168.00


A light gray, men’s sweater with a round-neck and long sleeves

For the person who loves to be comfy (who doesn’t?!)

It’s not a holiday gift guide without a sweater, and we love this one in high-performing washable Merino wool. It gives you all the cozy with none of the bulk. There’s subtle targeted ventilation for breathability to keep you at the perfect temperature all day long. Its classic style is super versatile and can be layered up on chillier days.


Ministry of Supply builds garments that are engineered and tested to meet the highest standards of comfort and performance. This inclusive brand believes in universal design as much as we do and as well as their original collection, they offer an Adaptive line of meticulously designed pieces for men and women who are wheelchair users.


8. 2BB Cashmere Travel Wrap - Two Blind Brothers - US$140.00


A light pink wide scarf, draped elegantly

For someone who deserves a little luxury

She can wrap herself up in pure luxury with this beautiful cashmere wrap. It’s a practical and glamorous travel partner as well perfect for staying warm and snuggly at home. The cashmere is sourced from Mongolian goats that are known for growing exceptionally soft undercoats, three times as soft as the wool from sheep.

Two Blind Brothers is a brand that shares our passion for designing inclusive and beautiful products. Their garments are constructed from carefully chosen, soft and tactile fabrics and include a small silicone braille panel indicating the color of the garment. These simple, subtle touches means their products can be enjoyed by everyone.


9. Essential Bags For Wheelchair Users - FFORA - US$65.00


A small black, rectangular bag with a zip around the outside and a metal brand label on the front

For the chic wheelchair user

This versatile bag comes with a shoulder strap so it can be worn across the body and the ‘FFORA Attachment’ which means it can be docked securely on wheelchair tubes. It’s roomy enough to keep the essentials handy and comes in a wide range of finishes to suit every style.

FFORA is a fantastic brand, offering chic accessories designed with wheelchair users in mind. Their beautiful bags, cupholders and other accessories feature FFORA a’s proprietary attachment system which allows their products to dock to wheelchairs. Much like here at Eone, FFORA values conversations with their community which influence their designs.


10. Socks that Save LGBTQ Lives - Conscious Step - US$39.95


An open box containing three pairs of socks. The text on the lid which is next to the box reads “socks that save lgbtq lives”.

For cozy toes!

Who said socks were boring?! Well, there’s nothing boring about these socks! In the box are three pairs in purple, maroon, and bright blue with rainbow flag embroidery. They’re padded for comfort and made of organic Fairtrade cotton and recycled polyester. They sound like pretty good socks already, but the best bit is they’re made by Conscious Step, which means each pair supports The Trevor Project and their work to provide safe spaces for LGBTQ young people.

Consciously created for a better world, when you shop at Conscious Step you aren’t just buying comfort and style, you’re supporting people and the planet. So, it turns our socks are not boring and everyone needs them, so get gifting!


Inclusive Home Gifts


11. iRobot Roomba i3+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum (3550) - iRobot - US$399.00


A black, round robot vacuum with its docking station that has a dust collection cylinder attached.

For after the after party…

A robot vacuum can be a game changing gift for someone who finds traditional vacuums tricky to use or for those who would just rather do something other than clean their floors. This is an all singing, all dancing model. It’s super powerful, maps out your home, empties itself and knows when to clean. iRobot offer a number of other models with different features at different price points. Most are smart home assistant compatible so you can clean the floors with a simple voice command. Now, you can give the gift of a cleaner home, without lifting a finger!


12. Hub Mini Smart Remote IR Blaster - SwitchBot - US$39.00


A small white rectangular remote control and a smartphone displaying the SwitchBot app on its screen

For the person who can never find the right remote control

If you know someone who is always looking for a remote control for the TV, the air conditioning or any other device that uses an infra red control, this is for them. SwitchBot learns to mimic all the remote controls in your home and then you can access them through an app. Wondering if they left the heating on when they’re on their way to work? Just check the app. SwitchBot is also compatible with smart home assistants which means they can also enjoy voice control for their appliances! Save them time and energy, with this clever little gadget!


13. Amazon Basics Microwave Bundle with Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Amazon - US$71.99



A dark grey microwave with an echo dot, a small round smart home assistant device.

For the foodie

Who doesn’t need a little help in the kitchen sometimes? This microwave is Alexa enabled and offers the option of voice controlled cooking. Not only useful when you’re in a juggling boiling pots and pans, or not sure how long to cook something for (Alexa knows), but also super accessible for those who struggle to touch or see the controls. This bundle contains the Amazon Basics Microwave and the Echo Dot so when your recipient will have all they need to get started.


14. Inspirational Autumn Leaves Canvas Print - Braille Art - US$99.00


A canvas with an autumn leaf print on it and raised beads on the design


For art lovers

Give the gift of art that can be enjoyed by those who blind or sighted. A beautiful canvas that is visual and tactile. This work of Braille Art features autumn leaves and is printed on canvas, accented with a beaded braille message "dream". The beading also highlights the colorful fall foliage.

Braille Art has a beautiful collection of one-off pieces for every taste and everyone. We love that their work bridges the gap between visual and tactile experiences, which is also at the heart of what we do at Eone. Like our timepieces, these incredible works of art are also great conversation pieces.

This is a fabulous gift for a person who loves to display unique pieces in their home, as well as for an art lover with a visual impairment.


15. Electric Wine Opener - Amazon - US$29.95


A silver, cylinder shaped automatic wine opener on a charging dock

For the host (or the party goer)!

A perfect hostess gift they can use right away (and wont have to look for a vase to put it in!) Open wine with the push of a button, perfect for those who find manual corkscrews tricky, or those who simply want to access their favorite festive tipple with no fuss! Keep this handy party gadget charged and ready, to keep the drinks flowing this season.


Inclusive Fun Gifts


16. Adaptive Xbox Controller - Microsoft - US$99.00


The adaptive controller. A large, white rectangular controller with two black round buttons. There are a number of devices plugged into the controller

For the gamers

Xbox created this controller because “When everybody plays, we all win”, and we couldn’t agree more! The Xbox Adaptive Controller allows users to connect switches, buttons, joysticks, and mounts to create a custom controller that suits their unique needs and abilities. It’s completely customizable and works with Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One games, and any Windows PC game that supports the Xbox Wireless Controller.

This is a gift that lets someone with limited mobility get involved, and with their uniquely configured controller they can experience gaming on the same level as their friends.


17. Braille Scrabble - MaxiAids - US$57.95



A scrabble board with large print and braille tiles and a wooden tile holder.


For board game fanatics!!

The holiday season is not complete with some family fun – and that means boardgames! Oh yes, you can give the gift that brings out a bit (or a lot!) of competitive spirit in your friends and family, in the most inclusive way. This Scrabble set features both braille and tactile large print on the letter tiles so everyone can join in. This gift is sure to bring them hours of fun any time of year.

MaxiAids offer a range of games to up the festive fun for your loved ones including accessible Monopoly and Uno!


Inclusive Self Care Gifts


18. Shea Butter Collection - L'Occitane - US$79.00



A white and pink floral gift box and the tubes and jars of products included in the set.

For the person who deserves a little TLC

The cold winter weather can feel festive and fun, but it can cause skin to become dry. This is the ultimate gift set to lock in moisture to nourish, soothe, and protect the skin.

This set contains: Creamy & Comforting Bubble Bath, Shea Body Shower Oil, Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream, Shea Milk Extra-Gentle Soap and Shea Butter Hand Cream all presented beautifully in a L'Occitane Gift Box.

At first glance this seem like a pampering set like any other, but inclusion has been a priority for L’Occitane for more than two decades. Their products are loved by people who are blind and sighted all over the world. They were one of the first, and still one of the few beauty brands to feature braille labelling on their packaging. Give her a pampering gift that lets her tell her creams from her lotions, regardless of whether she can see.

L’Occitane offer a range of gift sets for Men and Women at every price point.


Bonus idea: A subscription they will love!


Spotify US$99 for one year Audible US$150 for one year (Audible also offer gift subscriptions for 1, 3 and 6 months)

For the person waiting to rediscover their passion

Whether they love music or books, giving an annual subscription to either Spotify or Audible is a gift that keeps giving all year long! Compatible with smart home assistants, they can listen to the latest page-turner or their favorite tunes with a simple voice command. It’s never been easier, especially for those with limited vision or mobility. Music and books are seemingly simple pleasures, but can be difficult to access for those with a disability.

Give the gift they can enjoy at home or on the go, this festive season and throughout the year ahead.

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