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News: Spotted! Where Eone was featured this year

Eone timepieces have been popping up across the media this year and we’ve spotted them on our screens too. Check out these appearances on these popular TV shows:



Actor Ben Mehl plays Dante and is seen wearing his Eone Bradley in Season 3. Although not mentioned, the timepiece is first appears during an interaction between Joe Goldberg and Dante at the library.





Park So-Dam; of Parasite fame, trades rags-to-riches for altruism and love in Record of Youth; a Netflix drama that follows the lives of three young people in the contemporary fashion industry. Her character, Jeong-ha, introduces the Bradley timepiece to a date whilst they wait for a movie to start, expressing her desire to understand and empathise the loves of others by living through their eyes.





Teaching intern Sang Wu (played by actress Wan Peng), falls in love with Mr. Su (played by Evan Lin), a substitute teacher who is blind and musically talented. Mr. Su's Eone Bradley is featured prominently throughout the series.

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