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News: What Eone Did, 2021 - Our year in review


With the New Year fast approaching, we’re taking a moment to look back at 2021 - and what a year it has been! The team at Eone have certainly been busy and it wasn’t easy to pick only 10 moments to share with you. Our 2021 highlights were exciting, fun or meaningful – some were all the above! But whatever the occasion we were celebrating, or campaign we were launching, our work stayed rooted in the Eone ethos, making the world better through inclusive design. Whether that’s creating an accessible timepiece that gives wearers the right to choose their style, or raising awareness of environmental issues, inclusion and design has remained at the heart of what we do.

Check out this rundown of our best bits of 2021 and let us know which one is your favorite!


Headshot of Chef Christine Ha wearing a black chef jacket, standing in Xin Chao. The decor is light wood, earthy tones with simple black and gold hanging lights. On the walls, framed images can be seen.


International Women’s Day – Welcoming Christine Ha and #HowYouSeeMe

We were thrilled to introduce Christine Ha as our spokesperson. We couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to kick off our #HowYouSeeMe campaign. Christine’s awesome story inspired and empowered fellow women, of different abilities, from around the world to share their stories too. Find out more about #HowYouSeeMe and hear Christine’s message.




The image shows a wrist with the Bradley Moss - a modified Bradley Mesh Gold, which we painstakingly stuck moss on top off.⁠


April Fool’s Day – Introducing the Bradley Moss 

Channeling our inner joker, we ‘created’ a new kind of Bradley. But this Bradley was different. Its dial was decorated with moss, oh - and it wasn’t real! It launched on our website as if for sale, and it certainly caused people to wonder! Take a closer look and let us know if you would have been convinced that Eone were branching out into horticultural horology! 




Image shows a visual render of the Bradley Timepiece; made from recycled plastic waste from the Ocean. Orbiting the timepiece is Earth and a smaller planet, also made from recycled plastic.


Earth Day – A Bradley made from recycled ocean plastic? 

The Terrazzo concept render raised the question of what extraordinary things could be created using recycled plastic from the ocean. The stunning artwork got our community talking about important environmental issues and encouraged us all to consider the impact we have on the planet.




Image shows a visual render of the Bradley Timepiece in gold, the face is patterned with a honeycomb pattern and the minute ball bearing is represented by a honey bee; curled into a ball. The timepiece is floating, surrounded by liquid honey; spinning and spraying outwards from the hour ball bearing track. The backdrop is made up of wooden block panels, in the shape and panel of a honeycomb.


Bee Day – The Bradley Mesh Gold creates a buzz 

A very special version of the Bradley mesh in gold appeared on our social media as a visual render to celebrate our little stripey friends. It’s intricate honeycomb dial and tiny bee-ball-bearings captured the attention of many of you and Bee Day was followed by swarm of requests to make the timepiece a reality. 




The image shows a dark grey, Eone Bradley Apex representing a bottlenose dolphin, jumping through a circular hole in a white wall. The face of the timepiece is Azzurro; a light blue, similar to the sky on a sunny day. The ball bearings of the timepiece are represented as white pearls. An open, white, clamshell similarly sized to the timepiece; follows closely behind like an open baseball glove catching a ball. Splashes of water suspended mid-air; surround the two objects. In the background and out of focus, one can see the ocean stretching to the horizon a pale yellow to blue gradient painting the sky. In the foreground, a rounded, white archway surrounds the circular hole in the wall. The archway is decorated with small pebbles around its base and sits in the water. The inspiration comes from a photo of a dolphin jumping through a plastic hoop.


Ocean Day – Making waves with Apex Art  

The Bradley Apex and the bottlenose dolphin were perfect inspiration partners for our artwork to mark Ocean Day. Highlighting the beauty of the marine world and the importance of preserving the planet’s oceans, we shared this beautiful piece to remind all of us, what’s at stake.




A collage image of 5 different coloured Switch collection, inspired by the Paralympic rings.


The Olympic and Paralympic Games 2021 – 5 days of art inspired by the rings

We commissioned five thoughtful and stunning abstract compositions that were unveiled over 5 days during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Switch rings and the Olympic rings created a focus for each piece which was dedicated to one of the five competing continents. We loved the detailed and meaningful designs and felt they were the perfect celebration of the diversity of individuals and nations competing at the Games.




A red Eone Switch fitted with a yellow 12 hour ring sits within a square box atop a low, rectangular plinth. The colours blue, yellow, red, and white; combined with flat harsh lighting and the orthographic perspective, result in the image looking almost two dimensional.


Design Festivals 2021 – Concepts of cities and the Switch

Indulging in our passion for design, we were excited to mark the European Design Weeks with beautiful visual abstract works of art, featuring the most renowned characteristics of the host cities, and the Rings of the Eone Switch. The result was three elegant visualizations celebrating the best of design in London. Paris and Milan.




A render showing the Eone Switch in black floating against large clay brown spheres. The Switch has the rose gold Sunflower Ring fitted.


The Eone Switch – launching our new collection! 

It was the culmination of months of hard work from our dedicated team who developed the Eone Switch. Launch day finally arrived. We were excited to unveil our newest collection and show off its unique interchangeable rings, it’s sleek design and a whole host of other improvements. We held our breath as we launched on Kickstarter on October 15th and waited for the first pledges to land.




Two images side by side - from left to right: 1. John Samuel holds last year's winning design, a colourful print in block colours. 2. Steve and Bryan stand in front of an office building with the prototype cane, they smile at the camera.


White Cane Day - Drip My Cane 2.0 with Ablr

It was great to take this opportunity to team up with our friends at Ablr. The winning design of their Drip My Cane 2.0 competition needed to be made a reality. This is where we came in. We worked with our partners on not only producing the design, but also ensuring the cool new look didn’t hinder the functionality of the cane. This was a super fun project to celebrate the day dedicated to raising awareness of issues around blindness and visual impairment.




A promotional poster of Neflix show - You, showing three characters from season three within a library. From left to right (fictional alias): Marienne, Joe Goldberg, Dante.


Spotted! Where Eone was featured this year

As more people learn about what we do, we have noticed our timepieces featured in the media. Check out some places where we’ve spotted the Eone Bradley.



Stayed tuned in 2022!

With the Eone Switch now fully funded and in production, there’s a lot to get excited about next year. We’ve got plans for new Switch Rings and more collaborations, with a few surprises along the way! Stick around and be the first to see our new designs, meet members of our amazing community and join us as we continue to strive for more inclusive, beautiful, better design.

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