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News: International Women's Day - Welcoming Christine Ha and #HowYouSeeMe

Headshot of Chef Christine Ha wearing a black chef jacket, standing in Xin Chao. The decor is light wood, earthy tones with simple black and gold hanging lights. On the walls, framed images can be seen.


Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do at Eone, so we wanted to do something really special for International Women’s Day in March of 2021. We were so excited and proud to introduce Eone’s second spokesperson, Christine Ha. She’s a MasterChef champion, an author, a public speaker and we think she’s an all-round, awesome woman. Christine continues to show the world that blindness is no barrier, as she overcomes the barriers that are very real. Those that stem from stereotypes, and misconceptions, the barriers that come from how society sees people. Christine kicked off our #HowYouSeeMe campaign with this message:

“International Women’s Day is about gender equality and inclusivity, to give everyone equal respect and treatment, platform and voice. Regardless of ability, gender, race, religion, color, creed, or sexual orientation".

The #HowYouSeeMe campaign symbolizes our challenge to recognize beauty and strength beyond what meets the eye. Change how you see her.” Christine Ha

Christine’s story of how she lost her vision and went on to win MasterChef and achieve all that she has, inspires us. Eone was founded years ago to solve a problem for a friend who was blind. The problem wasn’t their blindness, but the fact that the world is built for people who can see. Christine demonstrates what can be achieved despite that being the case. She reinforces why women of all abilities and backgrounds should be supported and supportive, and what’s possible when women are encouraged to believe in themselves and in others.

Although she didn’t set out to do so, we love how much Christine’s media spotlight has done to encourage the wider population to recognize the achievements and abilities of those who are visually impaired.

With our focus on inclusion in mind, our #HowYouSeeMe campaign encouraged all women, of different abilities to share their stories of empowerment and success. From Paralympic medalists to wheelchair dancers and many more besides, strong and different women raised their hands and shared their stories to inspire and support fellow women all over the world.

The month-long campaign got the whole community involved in acknowledging the achievements of women of all different abilities and raising awareness of the challenges they face. Equality and inclusivity are always at the top of our agenda, but IWD felt like to perfect time to push the conversation further.

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