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News: Our first film screening and inclusion awareness community event

Video recap of the event
Just speaks with two ladies, they are smiling at each other as Justin explains bouldering without sight.


It’s a wrap, Eone and Justin Salas have successfully launched its very first film screening of The Blind Ascensionist last Saturday, May 27, at Bouldering Project in Salt Lake City. The event was attended by thirty individuals of varying skill level and exposure to climbing, all experiencing climbing without sight for the very first time.


Set inside a bouldering gym, backs facing cameras - Justin Salas addresses a group of individuals attending a climbing clinic - sat on the floor in front of him. To his right, Nate and Seneida (blindfolded) are demonstrating the fundamentals of communications between a climber and their caller.


Kick off began with a blind climbing clinic, Justin explained the relationship, communication, and teamwork required to navigate a boulder route without sight, demonstrated by professional climbers Seneida Biendarra; who won the IFSC World Cup in Salt Lake, just the week before, and her partner Nate.


Backs facing camera %u2013 a group of people sit on the floor of a bouldering gym facing Justin Salas, Nate, and Seneida (blindfolded). Nate is explaining the fundamentals of communications between a caller and a low vision or blind climber.A lady calls/ communicates the route and manoeuvres to her partner, who is climbing blindfolded on a bouldering wall in front of her. The caller has her right arm out, gesturing to another hold.


Following the screening of The Blind Ascensionist, a fireside chat emceed by Ben Mayforth, with Chaz Misuraca, Seneida Biendarra, and Justin touched on blindness, disability inclusion, and creating more accessible opportunities in adaptive sports both professionally and recreational.


Left of image, a projector screen displaying The Blind Ascensionist. A group are sat on large gym blocks, watching the film.


A special thanks to Ben, Chaz, and Seneida for bringing a wider perspective to the conversation. Nate, and April for their support coordinating the clinic. Everyone on the team at Salt Lake Bouldering Project for giving us this opportunity. Matt and Maddie from the National Ability Center. TFA Group for helping Justin realise the completion of this short film. And of course, thank you everyone who attended the day and helped spread the message.


Four individuals sit in front of a projector screen. From left to right: Chaz Misuraca, Justin Salas, Ben Mayforth, Seneida Biendarra – all four are professional paraclimbers. They discuss the importance of accessibility and inclusion in climbing and daily life.


We are now coordinating more screening opportunities throughout the States over the coming months, keep up-to-date on this page. You can support Justin and his chosen organization; NewView Oklahoma, through sales of the new Apex Salas model. $50 USD of each sale will support the organization with developing employment opportunities and rehabilitation within the blind and low vision community. Click here to learn more.


  • Our son Keaton LOVES his watch. He lost his vision 2 years ago at age 20 and this has been a great tool for him. He would be very interested in a climbing event if there are any upcoming opportunities. Please let us know!

    Wendy Koy
  • beautiful people doing beautiful things!! Will you be doing an event in LA or NY?

  • For starters such a cool watch. I haven’t been able to tell the time with out using Siri or a zoom feature on my phone since I lost my sight. Such an amazing movie on one incredible man the one and only Justin Salas. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the clinic and panel both went amazing. It’s great to be part of these discussions I hope they continue and I love being apart of them.

    Chaz Misuraca

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