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News: Earth Day 2023 – Reducing battery wastage and product improvements

Abstract render for Earth Day shows the Eone Apex Salas with an ocean-blue strap, wrapped around Earth. The hour marker ring, made from lunar rock, floats a little way off the case. Likewise with the hour and minute bearings; of which the minute bearing represents a miniature Earth. Top right of the image, the moon in full phase is lit brightly and a small rocket-ship emoji perches on its surface. Scattered in orbit around the rest of the image, various sized space rocks.

Creative: Oliver Perretta


Another revolution around the sun and Earth Day is once again, upon us. Whilst we continue to work on incremental product improvements on the much loved Bradley timepiece, we thought we would share insights on future product development going on behind the scenes.


During our community feedback sessions, many of you expressed strong interest in an alternative energy source that would remove the need for battery changing. Just for context, your Eone timepiece will run for approximately 24 months before needing a battery change, which can be done at any local, reputable watch repair store.


The same visual as above zoomed in to show the lunar rock dial and rocket-ship on the moon.


Whilst a mechanically operated Eone timepiece sounds great on paper, it certainly presents its own limitations with a limited capacity – typically up to 72 hours before requiring a wind up and resetting of time. 


So it makes a lot of sense to harness renewable energy sources; sun-power to be specific! We are excited to be exploring the possibilities with solar power to completely remove the need for battery replacements, reduce battery wastage and improving our environmental impact. Make sure to tune into the blog or subscribe to our email newsletters for future design updates.



  • I’m so glad you’re going away from the battery-centric mindset, though what’s the problem with a mechanical version of the timepiece? My current daily driver is a 1970s era russian braille watch that I wind up every evening before going to bed. I’d buy an Eone that wound up and consider 72 hours of power a treat compared to most of the industry’s 36!

    Rylan Vroom
  • What an epic development!!!
    Environmental friendly and more economical for those who will purchase this timepiece!
    I own two Eone timepieces!
    When will this timepiece be available for purchase?

    Ben Silva

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