The big day is here!

Our pre-order campaign on Kickstarter has launched, which means you now have an opportunity to pre-order our first timepiece, The Bradley, and support Eone at the same time. Our plan is to use the money we raise through this crowd-funding campaign to fund the manufacture of our first round of timepieces.

Click here to pre-order!

If you emailed us with a pre-order request, this is your chance! You still need to order through Kickstarter to officially get on the pre-order list.

We had a lot of fun putting this campaign together, and we’re proud of the message it shares. If you watch our feature video, you’ll learn about Lt. Bradley Snyder, the inspiration behind our first timepiece — and yes, The Bradley is named after him.

Brad lost his eyesight while serving with the Navy in Afghanistan, and he went on to win two gold and one silver medals in swimming at the 2012 London Paralympics. He was generous enough to share his story with us, to help potential Kickstarter backers understand why it’s so essential to have an accessory that doesn’t require sight to tell time, one that’s accessible to everyone.

Yet our tactile timepiece is more than a solution for the visually impaired; it’s also a fashion accessory. The Bradley is our way of showing you can create products with beautiful form, while still offering exceptional, inclusive, design and function.

To see how we’re reimagining the basic wristwatch design, watch our Kickstarter video:

Now head over to our Kickstarter campaign — We’ll see you there!