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News: International Women's Day 2023 - 10 Inclusive Individuals

A purple abstract creative by Oliver Perretta. Full description available on Eone's Instagram


#EmbraceEquity is this year’s theme for International Women’s Day, to get the world talking about Why equal opportunities aren’t enough. People start from different places, so true inclusion and belonging require equitable action. We’re taking this moment to highlight and thank ten individuals we’ve worked with to champion inclusion and drive conversations for a better designed world.


Twelve individuals from our 2021 IWD #HowYouSeeMe campaign. Click image to go to microsite.


1. You - the Eone community

Our biggest thanks goes to you –our Eone community members– for continuing to support us, sharing your stories, and inspiring us to incessantly improve our product over this past decade. And with all the feedback, suggestions, and stories, we hope to continue designing beautiful products that everyone–sighted or blind–can use and enjoy.



Photoshoot against a white background. Brad and Sara lean into each other, smiling. Between them, held by Brad, a sleeping Baby Rooney wrapped in a white blanket.


2. Sara and Rooney Mae

We’ve always felt honored to have Brad Snyder as our Eone brand Ambassador. Brad was a naval officer who was blinded in an IED explosion in Afghanistan. He then stunned the world, achieving unparalleled success at three consecutive Paralympics, in swimming and more recently, triathlon. But alongside him every step of the way was Sara, and from here on out – Baby Rooney. Click here to read their story.



An image of Ming, she's wearing a red turtleneck sweater with the city skyline on the background.


3. Ming Wu

Somewhere between being: a mother, speaker, blogger, board member of VLANJ, and avid tea drinker–Ming also finds time to weave together the myriad of Community Spotlights, News, design updates that make up the InTouch blog. Thank you Ming, and whichever tea company provides the fuel behind your word artistry. Click here to learn more about Ming.



Side on, Mallory smiles, looking down at her baby bump. In her right hand, she holds her five Olympic medals.


4. Mallory Weggemann

Behind every amazing video you’ve seen from Eone in the past two years, is Jay Snyder (TFA Group). And right by his side is the immovable life force that is Mallory; 5x Paralympic medalist, speaker, author, TFA Co-Founder, and most importantly “soon-to-be mama”. We wish her and Jay all the best on the home stretch of their incredible IVF journey. Click here to read Jay and Mallory’s story.



Headshot of Pinar


5. Pinar Guvenc and SOUR

As we look ahead at the future of Eone and inclusive design; redesigning an award-winning product is no easy feat. Which is why we’re so thankful for individuals like Pinar and her amazing team at Sour; a creative studio that embraces the discomfort in designing inclusively– for everyone, by including everyone. Click here to learn about design thinking.



Smiling at the camera, Sharon shows off her new Eone Switch in Rose Gold. She leans against a white support beam with white fencing and green foliage behind her. Sharon wears a pink t-shirt.


6. Sharon Delaney McCloud

For Sharon, accessibility is non-negotiable, but in talking about modern communication, she also highlighted the importance of the words we choose. Good communication must be accessible, and accessibility requires good communication. When these two elements work seamlessly together, that’s when we can really make an impact, or in Sharon’s words, ‘move hearts and minds’. Click here to read Sharon’s story.



Looking at the camera, Lizzi wears a black swimsuit and rests her head on her right arm.


7. Lizzi Smith

After working together for International Women’s Day 2021, Lizzie Smith demonstrated how she puts on a watch and inspired us to go back to the drawing board. Lizzie is a 3x medalist Paralympic swimmer for Team USA; born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, and she has only one hand – “living life limb-itlessly” as she puts it! Click here to see our WIP strap development.



Becca crouches next to her Seeing Eye Dog Birdie - both are seen smiling towards the camera


8. Becca Meyers

When we met Becca for International Women’s Day 2021, she was 26 and had already won 6 Paralympic medals and set multiple world records. Born with Usher’s Syndrome and labeled incompetent, dumb, and even one time a blind mute. Becca has stuck it to society and continues to champion inclusion and diversity. Click here to hear from Becca.



Bri Scalesse poses for the camera in her wheelchair. Vertical striated lighting lights certain areas of her and the surrounding grey background.


9. Bri Scalesse

Bri Scalesse found her passion for fashion through unwanted attention from her wheelchair. Sheldon Nguyen vowed he would forever dress to impress, after garnering attention from a school crush. They found love over their interests in writing, fashion, and photography. Together, they are challenging the status quo of the fashion industry, as both role models, and 'roll models'. Click here to watch their interview.



Shot upwards from the waist, Chef Christine Ha smiles at the camera with crossed arms, wearing a black chef's jacket. In the background, the interior of Xin Chao; her second restaurant. Overlaid in the bottom left corner of the image, a Silver Telly Award badge.

10. Christine Ha

Christine’s story of how she lost her vision and went on to win MasterChef and achieve all that she has, inspires us. Eone was founded years ago to solve a problem for a friend who was blind. The problem wasn’t their blindness, but the fact that the world is built for people who can see. Christine demonstrates what can be achieved despite that being the case. She reinforces why women of all abilities and backgrounds should be supported and supportive, and what’s possible when women are encouraged to believe in themselves and in others. Click here to listen to Christine on honoring disability.


Last but not least, thank you Oliver Perretta for the stunning concept visuals for this year’s International Women’s Day.




  • Inspiring stories of women who make a difference. We need to learn more of their struggles and successes.

    Simon Sung
  • Very impressive and encouraging stories. Very well written and inspiring.

  • Insightful! Great to see the achievements of women being celebrated.

    Michelle Kim
  • What an amazing list of women who truly live #EmbraceEquity and who are breaking down barriers for all people! Thank you for all the work that you do!

    John Samuel
  • Really happy to see Christine Ha still go strong and inspiring us all. Her drive and accomplishments are simply incredible.


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