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News: Eone now available in Australia and New Zealand

Banner image shows the Australian flag and an Eone timepiece



“Why haven’t we [Australia] seen these before!”

David Woodbridge remarks. He waves his Bradley timepiece at me through the screen as we get acquainted over a Zoom call. As a Senior Adaptive Technology Consultant, David spends a lot of time evaluating and screening accessible products for Vision Australia; the nation's leading provider for blind and low vision services. Honestly, we were a little nervous about whether we’d tick the boxes for him.



Close up of the top face of the Eone Bradley Mesh Silver showing the minute ball bearing



What’s different about the Eone timepiece?


It starts conversations, for the right reasons.


A sentiment echoed through the press and Eone community. The Bradley timepiece feels both familiar and refreshingly different. It tells time through two indicators and twelve hour markers - but that is where the similarities end. Often described as ‘that ball bearing watch’, the most striking feature of these watches is the form, drawing inspiration from the bold, clean, aggressive lines of brutalist architecture. The construction is a mix of polished and sand blasted titanium or steel (model dependent). Conventional hands are replaced with ball bearings; magnetically driven from the inside, removing the need for a flip up glass. When knocked out of place, a flick of the wrist snaps the hour and minute bearings back into place. Learn more about how it works here.



Bradley Snyder listens for the results, donning a black swim cap and goggles.


Are Eone timepieces any good?


Don’t take it from us, join the launch webinar on March 1st, 2023 at 7:30pm AEST/ 1:30am PST. Hear from community members Jeshua and Madison Aveno, Ming Wu, John Samuel, and Bradley Snyder. Registration link and Zoom details here.


Fun fact about Inclusive Design

The Eone timepiece is often used as an example in design schools and speaking engagements to demonstrate the benefit of recognising, understanding, and including customers as part of the design process. "Five million Australians across the country are unable to access products and services because of poor design, yet they possess over $40 billion in annual disposable income" - ‘The Benefit of Designing for Everyone’ report by the Centre for Inclusive Design. Read the full report here.



Vision Australia logo with slogan Blindness. Low Vision. Opportunity below it.



Where to buy Eone in Australia?


We [Eone] are delighted to announce Vision Australia as our exclusive partners for Australia and New Zealand. As David puts it, the timepieces are “one of those things you really need to get hands on to fully understand and appreciate”. Customers will be glad to hear that Eone will be available to demo in 21 of the Vision Stores across the region. We have added the stores to our stockist list here or check out the Vision Australia store locations here.

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  • I have a Bradley Watch, can I buy replacement leather straps from you guys?



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